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I vote For Art Prints by himnofeda I vote For Art Prints :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 8 7 UniversosGrafica Exhibition by himnofeda UniversosGrafica Exhibition :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 27 43 Wachi Fichuz Series 2 by himnofeda Wachi Fichuz Series 2 :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 25 0 Wachi Fichuz Series 2 - photo by himnofeda Wachi Fichuz Series 2 - photo :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 63 9 Gooo Magazine Issue 4 by himnofeda Gooo Magazine Issue 4 :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 19 16 Gooo Magazine issue 4 - photos by himnofeda Gooo Magazine issue 4 - photos :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 7 2 Rutas Julio - CCEBA by himnofeda Rutas Julio - CCEBA :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 19 3 Rutas Julio - CCEBA - photos by himnofeda Rutas Julio - CCEBA - photos :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 1 1 fatty fatty parachute by himnofeda fatty fatty parachute :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 54 17 5003 collaboration 2 by himnofeda 5003 collaboration 2 :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 12 2 5003 collaboration 2 - photo by himnofeda 5003 collaboration 2 - photo :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 6 4 5003 collaboration 1 by himnofeda 5003 collaboration 1 :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 18 3 5003 collaboration 1 - photo by himnofeda 5003 collaboration 1 - photo :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 15 4 .. Wachi Fichuz .. by himnofeda .. Wachi Fichuz .. :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 12 5 . Wachi Fichuz Puzzle . by himnofeda . Wachi Fichuz Puzzle . :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 6 2 black by himnofeda black :iconhimnofeda:himnofeda 15 10

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. Perfecta . by srtapolyester . Perfecta . :iconsrtapolyester:srtapolyester 169 59
Mini-DDs Best Of 2007 Extravaganza!
Alright, so 2007 is now officially done & over with (well, it was done a week ago, but bear with me here).
And damn, what a year it was here at deviantART! In the last year we've experienced (among other things) the addition of Deviant's Appreciation Day, a campaign to help end breast cancer, new additions to the AR Team, the introduction of several new features to try out, an onslaught of Pokemon Gijinka/Pixel ID/Nyu art memes, one major tournament for original characters, one popular anthro artist being unjustly banned, another extremely popular artist having some tragic problems with her fame, some overly complicated changes with the submission process, a freakishly huge amount of Gurren Laggan fan art (was that this year's "it" anime or something?), the first time I've ever seen one piece of art get two Daily Deviations, & as usual, too much unnecessary drama.
...Oh yeah, & there was a lot of great artwork as well. =P
Seriously, this was one amazing year here a
:iconslydante:SlyDante 77 71
Mini-DDs Vol. 60
Ahh...Another week, another fine set of DD-worthy Deviations! And man, was this a good week...
Seriously, this was a good week for Mini-DDs! There was just so much quality work that I discovered this week...A friggin' lot of it! In fact, every week I worry a little about what I have to fit in as the last Mini-DD I need...This week it was about which ones I sadly couldn't include instead! So we'll just have to look for those in Part Two next week...
In other news, it's December already...& if anyone can remember what I did at the end of last year, then that means it's time to start preparing for something big...It's crunch time, people...Or whatever saying works here...
But enough of that for now. Let's get to what you really came for: The damn Mini-DDs, of course! Up with the curtains...
Okay, so if you don't know by now, the featured artists here each receive the Golden Fefcaine Award:

...My little prestigious token of appreciation for anyone who created some amazing,
:iconslydante:SlyDante 7 5
. La ninia de dos craneos . by srtapolyester . La ninia de dos craneos . :iconsrtapolyester:srtapolyester 141 52 . stupid cars . by srtapolyester . stupid cars . :iconsrtapolyester:srtapolyester 157 59
mirror mirror on the wall
or: the value of self-portraits.
because no matter if analog or digital, self-portraits are always coming from a place deep inside, mean a lot to us and in many cases also express these feelings to others. most of the time the fact that the model is the photographer him or herself makes the procedure of capturing a personal, intimate or provoking feeling rather harder than easier because the photographer either has to take a series of self-portraits and choose the best one or know everything about camera, lighting and matching location.
so there are dozens of different aspects lying in all these photographs that are categorized under one simple designation: a self-portrait. whether it's the aspect of technical knowledge, intimate feelings, the eye for extraordinary perspectives, surroundings and impressions or just the idea behind the self-portrait - all of these are the important factors which make this kind of photographs very special.
reasons enough for an article cherishing
:iconsunstroke:sunstroke 58 21
. my Wachi Fichuz . by srtapolyester . my Wachi Fichuz . :iconsrtapolyester:srtapolyester 97 28 yoksa keke sen mi geldin by ufukbey yoksa keke sen mi geldin :iconufukbey:ufukbey 123 32 . Latex for Fun exhibition 2 . by srtapolyester . Latex for Fun exhibition 2 . :iconsrtapolyester:srtapolyester 19 20
my baby's made of plastic
i think it's time to once again cherish a wonderful camera, its owners and its unique photos - the holga. no matter if it's the marvelous lightleaks, the vignetting, the sometimes fantastic exploding colors, the square format or simply the photograph itself - i think that all of the upcoming featured artists would agree that there is this 'certain something', a special mood or even a haze of magic surrounding this cheaply produced plastic 'toy camera' and the results which it produces.
that's why i would love to share with you some of my personal favorites of holga photographers from all around the world.

"she has magical powers"

trail of tears by equivoque u76n by PukeChrist
"she melts in the sun"
evening landscape by PukeChrist :thumb37186778: state fair 1 by mr-amateur
Holga - San Juan - Boats by aaronstj Holga Series - I by maxpower h 04 by marfia
"she shows me what the world should look like"
:iconsunstroke:sunstroke 76 31
and study 2 by prescription and study 2 :iconprescription:prescription 8 7
Designers' Block [Edition 3]
Designers’ block is often a term given to phenomenon whereby designers/artist suffer a mental block. We’ve all suffer this at some time or the other. It’s usually a result of stress, lack of creativity, unmotivated, etc. So, we would like to help those designers who need inspiration by putting together a team of five designers that will feature deviations from Designs and Interface gallery.
As much as the article is to expose artists, its primary focus is to be a retreat where one can be inspired and gather ideas. As a result, favorites, comments and views do not affect the designs being chosen, neither does having a daily deviation.
With all that said
Be inspired…
duhcoolies's Pick

:icondepthskins:depthskins 125 56
Ir-Realta' Issue 2 by TurquoiseHexagonSun Ir-Realta' Issue 2 :iconturquoisehexagonsun:TurquoiseHexagonSun 30 52 It Makes Me Kinda Nervous by mattrobinson It Makes Me Kinda Nervous :iconmattrobinson:mattrobinson 113 44 . Threadless tee . by srtapolyester . Threadless tee . :iconsrtapolyester:srtapolyester 119 50



Moops in the clouds by cova Moops in the clouds :iconcova:cova 170 51 tastes like chicken by somavenus tastes like chicken :iconsomavenus:somavenus 389 107 A Quiet Afternoon by prescription A Quiet Afternoon :iconprescription:prescription 167 99 Hints to Travelers by prescription Hints to Travelers :iconprescription:prescription 96 36 tea on the grass by lloydhughes tea on the grass :iconlloydhughes:lloydhughes 142 38 Random Love Part 2 by TinyPilot Random Love Part 2 :icontinypilot:TinyPilot 122 28 Dugenou 08 by mathilde Dugenou 08 :iconmathilde:mathilde 46 36 Love is Freedom by hexxxer Love is Freedom :iconhexxxer:hexxxer 42 14



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Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I featured some of your collage work on my blog [link] I was truly inspired by your work and wanted to share it with my readers.

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genio! amé tu galería! <3
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your work is amazing... i absolutely love your illustration work... i'd like to invite you to join me and other artists at and post your work there. it's a multi-genre website with other artists and art enthusiasts like yourself. anyways... very inspiring work... keep on keepin on...
peace and salutations
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